About Us
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What we do


The Foothill Folk Society mission is to promote the appreciation, understanding, education, public performance and enjoyment of Appalachian art and culture through music, painting, writing, storytelling and related arts and crafts. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation made up of musicians, artists, writers and artisans, as well as those who appreciate and believe in supporting the creative efforts of the talented folk in our community. We invite you to join us in the celebration of local arts and in giving back to the community during our food drives.


How we do it



Members are the heart of this group and everyone is invited to join. Members are encouraged to volunteer at events, participate in FFS meetings, share ideas, and serve on committees. Dues are $10 per year. Mail your payment along with your contact info to FFS, PO Box 2001, Chillicothe OH 45601


We love to promote our musicians by giving concerts - often free to the community.

Second Sunday Munch n Jams

Local musicians and fans gather for an informal jam session. Anyone can bring an instrument and join. If you're a fan, it's a great way to experience the talents of our amazing musicians. Bring a food drive donation and a munchie treat or a soft drink to share. Let's wind down the weekend together.

Food Drives

Every FFS event includes a food drive to support the Good Samaritan Food Pantry of Chillicothe. Non-perishable food and cash donations are collected. In 2013, we collected more than three tons of food.


We offer a variety of workshops throughout the year as our musicians, artists, and crafters share their talents with others.

Check our Events calendar for upcoming opportunities.

And more to come...

Watch for a Celtic jam night, a songwriting workshop, piano lessons, basket weaving, and more hand drum workshops. We are always looking for ideas to expand the arts and crafts in southern Ohio.

Why we do it


We have amazing local musicians and artists in our community and want to make sure that continues by giving others the opportunity to try a musical instrument or create a piece of art. We want to help preserve art forms that are unique to the Appalachian foothills by inspiring others to learn and pass on the traditions that are treasured in our region.